Reasons to love art deco

Art deco was an art movement that began in France and gained popularity in the 20s after the first world war when people had begun to relax and remained so until around the start of the second world war.

The style consists of geometric and angular shapes, chrome, mirrors and other shiny finishes.  Designs often contained stylised images of cars, cruise ships, skyscrapers and planes or nature motifs such as shells, flowers and sunrises.  It is also characterised by highly contrasting materials such as highly polished wood against glossy black lacquers with satins and furs.

I love art deco.  For me it conjures images of glamour- sleek dresses embellished with jewels and beads, large feather head dresses.  The furniture was in in my mind still is the ultimate in style-glossy woods, large oversized geometric shaped mirrors, sleek curves, luxurious leather and exotic embellishments.

The art deco cocktail chairs and armchairs are my favourites!  So sleek and glamorous.  See some pic here on Pinterest.  If I smoked and could handle cocktails I could just picture myself with a porn star martini and a long cigarette holder reclining in one of these!  Have a look on ebay………

I have always had a soft spot for the architecture.  The run down blocks of 1920s flats I see dotted around Leigh-on-Sea and the parades of shops that are almost invisible hidden within the more modern buildings surrounding them really capture my imagination.  I love the curved bay windows, the sunburst motif stain glass windows.  The Chrysler building of course is also pretty cool!  For more amazing images have a look at my Pinterest board.

I love what the art deco movement represented- the time where people felt they could breath again after the first world war and before the depression began.  When women’s liberation began and the economy was prosperous, technology was growing and modern life consisted of luxury and leisure.


Ocean Drive for me is one of the best places ever!  The whole stretch of vibrant colourful geometric buildings.  With the lively bars, trendy hotels and shops all over looking Miami’s South Beach.  I don’t think there is anywhere better!  And of you ever visit try a mojito in Mangoes…….



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