The Adventures of Kplan Kate: The tale of the Art Deco French Leather Armchair

The tale of the brown leather chair begins in France I guess around 1930 when the art deco style was flourishing.  Where he resided until May 2015 is sketchy.  But what is known is that he made it into the back of a French market traders van and was transported to Les Puces de Montreuil in Paris.  He hadn’t even made it onto the market.  The poor sad chair was hidden under a mountain of clothes and accessories still on the back of the van.  Luckily his beautiful elegantly curved legs were just visible and after seeking out his owner a deal was struck and the next part of his story begins.

He was once again loaded into the back of a van however this time he met lots of other furniture friends and was no longer hidden away under garments and bags.  He departed France destined for a new home in England.  He arrived there looking sad with torn plastic fake leather upholstery.

june2015 014

He was stripped of all his ripped plastic faux leather, then reupholstered in eco leather a recycled leather in keeping ethically with the idea of rescuing old furniture pieces.

He now looks handsome and elegant and is awaiting a new owner at  If you think you can offer him a loving new home take a look!

art deco chair 3

art deco chair

art deco chair 2


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