The Adventures of K Plan Kate: Fustration, despair and logo design headaches

Arrgggghhhh!  Who would have thought that trying to create a logo would be soooooooo hard?!

So, originally I thought what I wanted was a really plain design-basically K Plan Furniture in a fancy font.  Below was the logo mark one.  I thought the K looked more like an X-but on closer inspection you can see that the K is actually  a chair.

I’m not a fan of the orange and brown colour scheme.  They had gone for neutral colours and the orange is apparently ‘warm yellow’ but these colours are too reminiscent of my school uniform for me to appreciate them.

I’d got in mind something in black and white.  The ‘furniture’ bit I liked, but in my head the ‘K’ would be a lot bolder.  So here comes mark 2.


This was exactly what I asked for and thought I wanted but seeing it on the computer screen it turned out it wasn’t what I wanted!  What I really want is something fairly simple-I’ve been studying logos everywhere I go for the last few weeks and all the big brands are really just the brand name written on it’s own, for example ‘Waitrose’ and ‘Samsung’.   But I also want something that reflects me a little bit.  I want it to be fairly classy and not be something that will look dated in no time at all.

Steve and I were discussing it the other night via facetime and he thought a picture of a lady pulling a chair behind her in silhouette form might look quite good-he leaned his phone up against something and was posing for me with chairs being dragged behind him to demonstrate!

I emailed the company working on my website and logo with this idea and had visions of him opening it and going ‘oh, ffs’!  Unfortunately these big ideas were not quoted for, so I’ve got my Dad on board to help brainstorm!

These are the first batch from my Dad- I really like them but I feel like they’re still not quite right.


Then these are the second batch because I thought a chair should be in it:

more logos

I really like D and think it would look really good on a business card but I wonder whether it’s a bit too fancy to go at the top of the website and any headed paper?!

The more I try to come up with something the more fed up and cross I’m getting with the whole thing.  I decided to check in with Pinterest to see what kind of logo inspiration they could provide me with.  There are some really clever ones out there………….


This is my particular favourite- the company is F3.  Can’t remember what the company does though!

ec5bad4a096e7001ef3b26dcd1dcde10 (2)

I liked this idea-to use my own handwriting for the ‘k’.  I spent a bit of time doodling and trying different ways of joining up the K, P and F.  I liked them on paper but when I scanned them for some reason I didn’t like them on the screen.   Not sure what happened to them but they just looked really rubbish!

My most recent effort is a geometric style ‘K’ in a box.  I drew it on the computer in paint- I did the K then wrote ‘plan’ in a really nice square type font, then went to type ‘furniture’ but couldn’t find the same font again.  I tried EVERY single font on the stupid computer programme and never found it.  It had completely disappeared!  So, I have no idea whether it will look any good with the ‘furniture’ added.  I have emailed to the guys at the website company and am waiting to see what it looks like all tidied up and with ‘furniture’.  Fingers crossed it looks decent because I am losing the will to live!

I would really appreciate any comments or ideas???!!!!!   Pleeeease!!!!!!!


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