A Sh*tty, Rubbish, Stupid Day in the World of KPlan Kate

What a horrible sh*tty day!

My first big set back and real kick in the teeth today.

I had hoped to decrease my hours at work after a suggestion from HR and after a lot of pondering and calculations I finally decided to go for it.  Unfortunately my boss has other ideas.  I am invaluable it seems! A compromise could have been downgrading a pay band but this would leave me way too short financially.  So, it appears I am going to have to work 30 hours as a senior biomedical scientist (or a team manager as the new company would like to call my role), then be a mum to Hazel and Scarlett and also try to start my business in the spare waking moments I will have.   Oh and try to fit in a teeny weeny social life.

Enough poor me!

Browsing Instagram this evening I found a really good proverb- usually they are quite rubbish but this one I thought was very fitting re. my day.

‘Some people will throw stones in your path, it’s up to you what you make of them: a wall or a bridge’  I am going to create a bridge with the crappiness!  I’ve found an auction in Brentwood that is happening tomorrow so I’m going to check that out.  I’m mega excited-my first ever real life auction!

This instagram pic linked to a website about inbound marketing-whatever that is.  This got my boyfriend and I talking.  He has a floor cleaning business and has just started getting into social media to advertise.  We decided to try to think of some floor related proverbs that could be superimposed onto photos to put on instagram which in turn could lead you to his site.  So far we have come up with ‘if you didn’t have floors, you’d fall down’‘if you had no floor, how would you stand?‘if you want breakfast in bed, sleep on the kitchen floor’, ‘love your floor, for it will support you’.  The latter I think is possibly the only real contender!


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